Into His Marvelous Light
 Into His Marvelous Light is a photographic exploration of light, beauty and the sacred in some  of Washington's
historic Christian churches.  Through color and black and white images, photographer Sue Christensen hopes to
inspire the viewer into an examination of faith and God.  Her work examines small details, (i.e. light  reflected off a
cross), and grander visuals of sanctuaries dedicated to the glory of God.  It represents a seeking for the eternal, a
searching for the Creator in the  places people have created to glorify Him.  The show's title comes from the First
Peter in the New Testament of the Bible.

Five churches are represented here:   tiny Elbe Evangelical Lutheran Church on the way to Mt. Rainier, Fir Conway
Lutheran in Mt. Vernon, Peace Lutheran Church in Silvana, built in 1890, Preston Baptist, which is over 100 years old,
and the recently restored Trinity Episcopal Church in Seattle.

Sue Christensen is a 2001 graduate of the New England School of Photography.  Although she generally shoots
landscapes, she has visited the theme of Christian spirituality previously in a series of self-portraits entitled "Passion
Play."  The recent spate of rainy weather, though not quite of Biblical proportions, drove her inside churches to
explore the theme further.
Font, Trinity Episcopal Church, Seattle
Copyright 2006
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